Website Scoresheet Errors

A number of people are experiencing issues with the website when submitting scores through the scoresheets. These steps should help you out and help me out when all else fails.

How To:

1. Check you are logged in using the dropdown at the top of the page.

2. Navigate to the correct scoresheet from the submit scores menu.

If you are successfully logged in you will be able to reach the scoresheet.

3. Start with "Division" -> "Home Club" -> "Away Club" -> "Home Team" -> "Away Team".

Each time you change one of these dropdowns, the database re-sorts to find you the correct Club(s), Team(s) & Player names.

4. Pick the date the match was played from the date picker.

5. Enter all the players names, using Inelligble Player if your player isn't in the list.

6. Enter your scores in the boxes

7. Attach your scoresheet using either the image or document upload buttons.

8. Check your entry is correct

9. Press submit - Wait for either the "Your scoresheet has been submitted" or an error text to pop up.

Known Issues:

1. When you select a club, the team box is still blank.

This is a timeout issue where the database hasn't had a chance to update yet.

Fix: click the box again and the teams should appear, or select a different club, then select the right club to refresh the database.

2. When you click submit you receive the " A save error has occurred".

This is either where an input is missing or a timeout has occurred between the website and the webhost.

Check you have filled in the boxes correctly, including the date and press submit again.

3.When you click submit you receive an error.

The same team has been selected twice

The same home player has been selected twice

The same away player has been selected twice

Need a 2 point difference in rubber

These are checks to validate that your entry is correct. Please re-check and correct the issue and re-submit.

4. When you click submit nothing happens.

Depending on your internet connection, once you click submit it can take 5 seconds for either the error or success message to appear. Please wait for either the success or error message to pop up as a lot happens in the database when you click submit.

5. Occasionally the website doesn't think you are logged in, even though you can see you are logged in at the top of the page.

This is a known issue with and they are working on a fix. For now try logging out and logging back in again to reset your authentication.

If none of this helps:

If the above doesn't help at all and you are still experiencing issues there is something you can do to help me out.

In Chrome:

1. Zoom out so that the whole scoresheet is visible (Ctrl + / - to zoom)

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+i which will bring up a window on the right hand side.

3. At the top of this window click "Console"

4. Print Screen or use the Snipping Tool in windows to take a snapshot of the scoresheet and the console window.

5. Mail this snapshot and your scanned/photo of the scoresheet to

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