New: Online Score Sheets!

If you are a team captain, or think you need to know how to submit scores using the system this blog post is for you.

Match scores can now be entered through the website on either desktop or mobile (ideal for post match drinks!).

There are some things you should know before we begin:

Website Membership

You will need to be a member of the LDBA website in order to see the scores pages and submit your scores (they are open for you to play with now but they will be closed up when the season starts).

It's really easy to become a member, just click the "Log In" button at the top of this page, follow the prompts, and voila you are now a member. Once you are logged in please go to the My Account section and add your name (required) and number (optional) and click update.

You are now all signed up and will be able to make full use of the site.

Paper score sheets

As the online system is new to all of us we have decided to keep the paper score sheets this year and will require you to add a photo/scanned copy of the paper versions to the online scores submission. This is so that our Match Secretary can a) check that the details you have submitted are correct and b) check the website is processing the data in the correct way. We know this is more effort on your part, having to type in the scores rather than just emailing a photo over, but it will help keep the scores and match details more up to date in the long run so we thank you for doing this.

Onto the score sheets

You can find the score sheets under the Submit Scores heading and have the option to enter Men's, Mixed or Ladies scores. Fill the boxes as they appear top to bottom:

Division - Mens 1, Mens 2, Mixed 1 etc.

Club - Home and Away clubs will filter by divisions. These are clubs that are affiliated to the league (Match/Club Secs will have done this already).

Team - Home and Away team will filter by division and club. These are teams of affiliated clubs that have payed their team submission fees(Match/Club Secs will have done this already).

Date - Important. This is the date the fixture was played on. It is very important that this is correct, else the league tables won't update correctly.

Venue - Optional field

Players - Levels and Mixed are handled a bit differently. Men's/Ladies you only need to find the players once, after the split their names are duplicated for you. Mixed the first box is the Man, the second box is the Lady, repeat for all pairs.

The list of names you are presented with is what your club admin (Chair, Secretary or Match Secretary) has registered for your club. They can add players to your club through the club admin page up until the end of February as per the league rules.

Scores - Simply the scores as written on the score sheet. Leave blank any scores that don't apply (e.g. Rubber won in 2 games not 3).

Upload image- Click the button and attach the image of your score sheet. This is required but if you have trouble doing this please let us know.

Checkbox - You can leave this unchecked and hit submit - the sheet will now calculate the scores, and tell you who won etc. Now is the time to double check your entry is correct. If you are sure, check the box and hit submit again.

Up until the first week of September you can have a play with this system, create a score sheet, enter some dummy results and submit them to your hearts content. All scores will be wiped before the season starts.

What happens to my score sheet now?

Once you have submitted your scores, the details will appear on the "submitted scores" page under 'awaiting approval'. The Match Secretary is the only user who can approve your submission and will check things like nominated players, number of matches each player has played, that the scores add up correctly etc.

Once approved by the Match Secretary, the score sheet is then visible to everyone, the league tables are updated, the fixtures list is updated and each player gets marked as having played another match for their team.

We hope that this system is more transparent than the previous way of doing things, and will greatly reduce the admin that we need to do to keep things up to date. There is a bit effort to get things set up ready for the season to start so if you have been asked to contribute please help us out.


If you need to do something that doesn't fit the mould please let us know through the email address rather than trying to make the website do what you need. Examples include: Intentionally fielding an illegible player, recording a player who didn't turn up etc. It's easy enough to add something in the back end to keep things consistent, but it's super hard to go back and edit out something that isn't supposed to be there once the website has processed it!!

Thanks for reading and good luck for the season!

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